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Bionet 7 Inch TFT LCD Desktop Spirometer with Touch Screen and WiFi That Supports USB Flash Drive
Part Number: SPIROCARE

Product Image: Bionet 7 Inch TFT LCD Desktop Spirometer with Touch Screen and WiFi That Supports USB Flash Drive (SPIROCARE)

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The SpiroCare unit is an accurate and hygienic spirometer. It features 7” color touch screen, provides FVC/SVC/MVV/post-bronchodilator tests, candle blowing-out animation to encourage patient success, accurate measurement from disposable mouthpiece with patented-sensor method, prints PFT test report with interpretation, and a 4-year warranty.

For data management, it saves up to 200 tests internally and exports saved data to USB flash drive, in JPEG/PDF/DCM file formats, and exports the saved data to a computer running Windows-based software, BMS-Plus, through WiFi or LAN.

  -  FVC (Forced Vital Capacity), SVC (Slow Vital Capacity), and MVV (Maximum Voluntary Maximum) test.
  -  Pre- and post-bronchodilator comparison.
  -  Accurate measurement by using disposable mouthpiece with built-in sensor.
  -  PFT test report with interpretation.

  -  7” color screen for displaying measurement in real time.
  -  Touch interface for easily entering patient information.
  -  Built-in printer and rechargeable battery.
  -  USB barcode reader and keyboard can be attached through USB ports.
  -  Disposable mouthpiece with patented sensing method is hygienic and eliminates the hassle of cleaning.

Data Management
  -  Saves up to 200 tests internally.
  -  Exports the saved data to USB flash drive as JPEG/PDF/DCM file format.
  -  Exports the saved data to computer running Windows based software, BMS-Plus, via WiFi or LAN.

Special Advantage
  -  4-year warranty

ECG Filing System
BMS-Plus is a Windows-based software that enables you to interface SpiroCare to computers through LAN or WiFi. The PFT data from SpiroCare is saved in either Bionet’s proprietary file format or JPEG/PDF/DCM. The JPEG file format ensures compatibility with most EMR packages. BMS-Plus can eliminate the need for costly thermal paper by printing a variety of comprehensive reports on standard printer/copier paper.

  -  SpiroCare Main Unit with Spirometer Handle
  -  1 Medi-Graph Paper Roll
  -  20 Disposable Mouthpieces
  -  1 Nose Clip
  -  1 Mouthpiece Adapter
  -  Hospital Grade Power Cord
  -  Operation Manual
  -  Diagnostics Guide Book and 4-Year Warranty Card
  -  WiFi USB Dongle and USB Flash Drive with BMS-Plus Software Included

  -  Cart

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