Janz to Attend SOMA in Charlotte from May 14-17 (Booth 518)

Special Operations Medical Association’s Scientific Assembly (SOMA)
Charlotte Convention Center
May 14-17, 2017

The Janz Corporation is very proud to participate in the 2018 Special Operations Medical Association’s Scientific Assembly (SOMA).   This is the 30th anniversary of SOMA and the organization continues to serve its mission: to advance the science, technology, knowledge and skills of unconventional medicine to improve the survival, reduce suffering and speed recovery of those who become injured and ill in SOF operations or other Tactical settings.    Products must be compact, powerful, and rugged allowing SOCOM medics to do their jobs with equipment that provides excellent diagnostic information and supports them to save lives.

The Janz Corporation (Booth 518) will be showcasing products that are proving to be an integral part of the SOCOM medics products assembly.  Philips Healthcare Point-of-Care Ultrasound Lumify includes  three portable Lumify transducers that will meet all exam requirements including FAST, Abdomen, Lung, Heart, OB/GYN, MSK and Vascular.  Lumify is an app-based ultrasound available on compatible Android smart devices via the Google Play Store. The Lumify transducer is attached to your device via a simple USB connection allowing you to quickly start scanning.  Safe to Fly and Airworthiness testing are underway for the Lumify transducers.

Janz is also presenting the Shift Labs Drip Assist Gravity Infusion Rate Monitor.  DripAssist is a fast, accurate infusion Rate Monitor that easily clips to any gravity drip set to continuously monitor flow rate and volume when administrating IV medications.  Drip Assist is the only FDA cleared infusion rate monitor that counts every drop with 99% accuracy, without the complexity or cost of a pump.

The Drip Assist runs continuously for two weeks on a single AA battery, works with any drip set, with no proprietary consumables required. Shift Labs’ low-cost, battery-powered infusion monitor delivers IV fluids with precision to patients, eliminating the risk of fluid overload.  The Drip Assist is a great product for austere environments and for humanitarian and emergency response organizations.

Drip Assist can be used for human patients and for veterinary use including veterinary blood transfusions.

Other products for your review include the Philips FR3 and FRx AEDs, and tactical response kits that include the compact Philips MP2 IntelliVue Monitor.  Janz also offers consulting services to assist with product evaluation for the military and Airworthiness testing through our Technology Assistance Group (TAG) programs.

Janz booth 518 is positioned adjacent to the ultraportable Doak surgical table from Morzine Medical and the AthenaGTX products including the wearable vital sign monitor (WVSM). A perfect trifecta of products that will be of interest to the 2018 SOMA Special Operations Medical Association’s Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) members and assembly participants.  For additional information please contact the Janz team at info@janzcorp.com