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Philips Lumify Portable Ultrasound for Phone/Tablet

Philips Lumify Ultrasound C5-2 Broadband Curved Array Transducer

C5-2 transducer supports up to 4 exam types- Lung, Abdominal, Gall Bladder, OB/GYN The Lumify...
$6,500.00 Buy Now 
P/N: JANZ-C5-2

Philips Lumify Ultrasound L12-4 Broadband Linear Array Transducer

L12-4 transducer supports up to 5 exam types- Lung, Vascular, Soft-Tissue, MSK, Superficial The...
$6,500.00 Buy Now 
P/N: JANZ-L12-4

Philips Lumify Ultrasound Bundle with L12-4 Linear and C5-2 Curved Transducers

Includes Two Transducers: L12-4 and C5-2 The Janz-LC-B (MFR Part # FUS6883) includes both the...
$17,100.00 Buy Now 

Ultrasound Hard Case for Philips Lumify by the Janz Corp

The Janz Corporation Lumify Ultrasound Hard Case Protect your Lumify Transducers and Tablet...
$125.00 Buy Now 

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