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Nonin WristOx2 3150 Wrist-Worm Pulse Oximeter
Part Number: 3150-0102

Product Image: Nonin WristOx2 3150 Wrist-Worm Pulse Oximeter (3150-0102)

$798.00 798.00 The Janz Corporation

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The WristOx2™, Model 3150 Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter

WristOx2® 3150 Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeter- provides highly accurate O2 sSAT and pulse rate reading for all patients.

Standard accessories include:
Two (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries
One (1) Wrist Band
One (1) 8000AA-WO2 Adult Finger Clip Reusable SpO2 Sensor (1 meter)
One (1) Operator’s Manual on CD Rom

The Most Versatile Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter for Unmatched Performance and Value!

The WristOx2™, Model 3150 provides highly accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings in the widest range of patients and settings. From the hospital to the home, the WristOx2™is ideal for applications including cardio-ambulatory monitoring, remote wireless monitoring and overnight studies. It is simple and easy to use, and data can be downloaded via a USB cable or wirelessly with Bluetooth technology, providing patients with increased independence during continuous monitoring applications. Also available in OEM configuration.

Nonin Advantages:

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

The most advanced wrist-worn pulse oximeter available, the WristOx2™, Model 3150 features advanced performance and reporting capabilities including enhanced connectivity and increased memory storage.

Product Highlights:

Easy to Use
Simply put your finger in the sensor

Powerful Battery
48 hours of battery life (non-Bluetooth), 24 hours with continuous Bluetooth using two AAA alkaline batteries

Enhanced Memory
1,080 hours of non-volatile memory at a four-second sampling rate with additional high resolution variable sampling options of one or two seconds

Convenient Data Transfer
Transfer data securely to nVISION® data management software via Bluetooth wireless or USB connection

New Sensor Line
The new WristOx2 sensors are exclusively designed for use with the new WristOx2™, Model 3150

Software Support
Advanced features such as Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) or overnight sleep reporting available when used with nVISION data management software

Nonin Quality and Support
Rugged durability and industry-leading 3-year warranty

New! Memory Volume Indicator (MVI) Mode Provides Verification of Recorded Data for Oxygen Qualification Studies

The Model 3150 with MVI mode provides a graphic display of the amount of recorded data in the Model 3150 in hours and minutes. In the MVI mode, the Model 3150 provides assurance to Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs) and Home Care companies that sufficient data has been recorded during oxygen verification testing; preventing unnecessary trips for repeat recordings, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiencies.

In MVI mode, the Model 3150 LCD displays only the hours and minutes of recorded data stored in its memory. The MVI mode can only be enabled by the IDTF. An update in Nonin’s nVISION® software is available to allow enabling the MVI mode for previously produced Model 3150s. Contact Nonin’s Technical Service department for more information: +1.763.553.9968.

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