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Mobilize Rescue Systems Compact Rescue Unit
Part Number: CMP-9888

Product Image: Mobilize Rescue Systems Compact Rescue Unit (CMP-9888)

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Mobilize Rescue Systems Compact Rescue Unit

"Portable- On-the-Go first aid kit in military grade nylon case that keeps the life-saving supplies protected, wherever you go. Supplies included to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, and more. Supplies include: 1 | SOF-T Wide Tourniquet

1 | 4" Emergency Trauma Dressing

1 | QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing

1 | Hyfin® Chest Seal

1 | CPR Face Shield with Bite Block

1 | Emergency Space Mylar Blanket

1 | Trauma Shears

8 | Nitrile Gloves"

Modern supplies to manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, and more.

Diagnostic app provides ‘just-in-time’ training to help untrained bystanders save lives

Case Features:
Military grade nylon keeps the life-saving supplies protected, wherever you go

Equipment & App Integration:
Color-coded and numbered supplies match the app’s instructions exactly.

Above & Beyond Compliance | Preparing to Save Lives With New Technology

What emergencies should you be prepared to manage?
Sudden cardiac arrest represents 0.5% of the major emergencies that occur each year, which is why approximately 5 - 10 million AEDs have been installed worldwide. But what about the other 99.5% of medical emergencies? With an estimated 30,000 preventable traumatic deaths taking place each year, organizations need to be ready to manage traumatic injuries & more.

With the Mobilize Rescue System, organizations can efficiently and effectively prepare to manage severe bleeding, chest trauma, seizures, cardiac arrest, opiate overdoses, hypothermia, & more.

Preparing for the unexpected is simple with the Mobilize Rescue System.
The ‘just-in-time’ training of the Mobilize Rescue app is helping organizations overcome the greatest obstacle to effective emergency response preparation - training & training retention. For CPR training alone, studies have shown that 67% (two-thirds) of participants fail the hands-on skills exam 90-days post-training, and 92% will fail 1-year after training.

The Mobilize Rescue app ensures that even if training is forgotten, high quality medical care can still be provided by following the diagnostic prompts in the app.

Treatment Capabilities:
Severe Bleeding
Rescue Breathing Children & Infants
AED Application
Trouble Breathing
Opiate Overdoses

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