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Part Number: IACT8USA

Product Image: INDIBA Activ CT 8 (IACT8USA)

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INDIBA® Active Cell Therapy uses Radio Frequency for a versatile, safe and precise device treatment for your patients.

The Technology

Stable Frequency of 448 kHz
Extensive scientific research proves that 448 kHz is the optimal frequency to produce the best therapeutic outcomes available today.

Unique Monitoring Software
Store and manage the clinical history of your patients in one place. Automatic recording of each session, with the ability to add clinical comments and feedback, allows you to expertly monitor your patients progress with ease.

State of the Art Design
Easy to move and equipped with a resistive touch screen, INDIBA devices are designed with you in mind so you can offer a seamless treatment for your patients.

Custom Treatments
Alongside 30+ preset protocols you can create and edit your own custom treatments, which can be shared within a virtual community.

INDIBA converts electric current into a stable frequency. Our return plate closes the electrical circuit enabling our patented and stable 448 kHz radio frequency to be delivered in a safe effective manner.

Designed with your patients comfort in mind, the INDIBA return plate features a protected edge for added safety, as well as a plate heater integrated into the columns of our CT devices.

Capacitive Electrode
Suitable for surface and vascularized tissues

Resistive Electrode
Suitable for thick, fat, and fibrotic tissues

The integration of two operation modes, CAP and RES as well as the use of low and high output power, makes it possible to obtain subthermal and thermal effects.

Equipped with contact detection capability, when an INDIBA device detects loss of contact between the electrode and skin it decreases unit output causing no harm to the patient or device.

Made from high quality materials and rigorously tested by our in-house team in Spain, our hand pieces are designed to provide comfort for you as well as your patients, with an ergonomic design made to fit comfortably in your hand throughout treatment.

Easy to Use
Our interchangeable electrodes allow you to change the size of the electrode on both the capacitive and resistive hand pieces with ease. Quick Connect Coupling enables fast and simple changing of the electrodes.

Our wide range of electrode heads are designed to maintain optimal contact with the skin wherever you are treating, even in areas such as the small joints of the hand, wrist and foot.

The Treatment
The INDIBA treatment simulates tissue repair, which can be combined with manual therapy and other techniques to produce unparalleled results.

Using a precise and stable frequency of 448 kHz INDIBA achieves a subthermal and thermal effect that...
- Normalizes cell function and regeneration
- Enables superficial texture change to cellulite
- Increases metabolism
- Increases tissue blood flow
- Helps to detoxify damaged tissue
- Provides an anti-inflammatory response
- Increases circulation in the extracellular matrix
- Increase tissue and cellular oxygenation
- Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
- Provides analgesic effect
- Mobilizes ions at a cellular level
- Increases vasodilation
- Increases drainage
- Stimulates stem cell proliferation

INDIBA Activ Devices
Utilizing a unique frequency of 448 kHz our range of devices enable you to enhance your treatments and maximize your results with ease. Equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring software, you can track and monitor your patient's progress, choose from pre-set protocols, and even create your own - the ultimate tool to take your treatments to the next level.

CT 8
Power: CAP 350 VA + RES 100 W
Dimensions: 40 x 53 x 15 cm
Weight: 8.4kg

CT 9
Power: CAP 450 VA + RES 200 W
Dimensions: 40 x 53 x 15 cm
Weight: 8.6kg

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