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AthenaGTX Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Box of 20 (Large Adult Size)
Part Number: 570-0010-03

Product Image: AthenaGTX Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Box of 20 (Large Adult Size) (570-0010-03)

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Call for Price
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AthenaGTX Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Box of 20 (Large Adult Size)

The WVSM® (Wireless Vital Signs Monitor) gives you the patient data you need, where and when you need it. It is small enough to be worn by the patient, carried into remote/dangerous areas and provides superior performance for multi-casualty monitoring.
The WVSM (Wireless Vital Signs Monitor) is affordable, fast and easy to use. It attaches to a patient quickly and stays with the patient from point of injury to treatment center where patient data and history is automatically downloaded.

A unique feature of the WVSM® is its multiple patient monitoring capability. Up to 20 patients can be wirelessly connected to one care provider and monitored simultaneously on one computer or iOS device. This allows for quick and easy data acquisition and aids in triage decisions during mass casualty incidents. Multiple patients can also be monitored in treatment and care facilities in order to assess patient condition over time and for those patients with chronic disease.

Automatically monitors Sp02, HR, NIBP and ECG
Wireless monitoring range of 200 yards
Color-coded vitals provide the data medics need without overwhelming first responders
Attaches to blood pressure cuff, streamlining patient movement
Stays with the patient from point-of-injury until treatment
Weighs just one pound
Automatically records and transmits 4.5 hours of patient history
Up to 7.5 hours of battery life
Triage/MCI: The WVSM® allows a single caregiver to monitor up to 20 patients simultaneously on a Tablet, PC or phone. Patient data is gathered automatically thus freeing a provider for other duties. Multiple providers can also access patient information on scene. EMTs and Incident Commanders can access the same information in real time to make informed decisions about triage and patient transport. All patient data is color-coded based on user set parameters enabling easy triage.

Fire Rehab: The WVSM® automatically records and stores vital signs information. The WVSM can be worn by the firefighters allowing for mobility while being monitored and for a single attendant to monitor multiple companies simultaneously.

Infectious Disease Isolation: Wireless transmission allows remote monitoring of patients in isolation. The low cost of the WVSM® makes it easier to replace than other monitors should that become necessary.

Motor Vehicle Extrication: Monitor patients at point of injury. WVSMs® wirelessly send data to EMTs located out of the immediate danger zone and automatically records vitals removing personnel from patient location. Color coding of vitals aids responders in triaging patients and prioritizing extrication and transport.

Search and Rescue: The WVSM® is small and easy to carry. The entire monitor weighs less than the battery of other monitors. This allows for the WVSM to be carried in something as small as a BDU cargo pocket. Automatic vitals recording, 4.5 hours of patient trending history and 8 hours battery life allow responders to focus on other aspects of the rescue.

Emergency Department: 24/7 monitoring available for high risk patients. Allows an overworked charge nurse to monitor multiple patients in busy emergency departments. Automatic alerts notify clinicians of patient distress. The small size of the WVSM® and wireless data transmission allows patients to move about freely without having to unhook equipment.

HazMat: Take accurate and fast vitals during donning and doffing. The small size and wireless data transmission allows responders to wear the monitor inside a Level A suit if required.

High Angle Rescue: The WVSM® (Wireless Vital Signs Monitor) can be placed on a patient in a precarious position. Wireless data can be sent to responders located in a safe area. The WVSM® fits inside a stokes litter and does not interfere with a climbing harness so the patient is able to wear monitor during the entire rescue. The WVSM® automatically takes and records patient vitals freeing the rescuer to attend to other things.

Structural Collapse: Small and rugged construction. Fits in spaces other monitors cannot. The WVSM® sends data wirelessly to responders located in a safe area and removes additional personal from the cramped location of patient.

Wi-Fi: 802.11g
Manual inputs: Glascow Coma Score, Temp and RR.
NIBP: Systolic: 40 -260 mmHg/Diastolic: 20-200 mmHg
SpO2 Ranges: 0-100% saturation
Three lead (Lead II) ECG
Color Coded Vitals (red, yellow, green)

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