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AthenaGTX Infectious Disease Transport Kit - iDT
Part Number: 500-0001-03

Product Image: AthenaGTX Infectious Disease Transport Kit - iDT (500-0001-03)

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AthenaGTX Infectious Disease Transport Kit - iDT

The WVSM iDT Infectious Disease Transport System transmits patient medical data through isolation equipment. The WVSM is small, lightweight, air-worthy certified, and easily worn by a patient or provider. The WVSM system can monitor multiple patients simultaneously allowing incident commanders the capability to monitor patients and providers from a central command station even during transport.

Includes Four WVSM (Wearable Vital Sign Monitor) Original Kits 500-0001-01, Insert and Hard Carry Case.

The WVSMiDT provides a multi-patient monitoring system in one portable case for ease of deployment, transport and storage. The WVSM measures NIBP, ECG, HR and SpO2. The Four WVSM include all peripherals for patient monitoring.

Automatically monitors SpO2, HR, NIBP and ECG
WVSM device weighs just one pound
WVSM is a fraction of the cost of a larger single patient monitor
Automatically records and transmits 4.5 hours of patient history
Wireless range of up to 200 yards
Up to 7.5 hours of battery life
Color-coded vitals provide the data medics need without overwhelming first responders
Stays with patient from point-of-injury until treatment
Case available in multiple colors

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