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Part Number: 989803150041

Product Image: 3-LEAD ECG CABLE (989803150041)

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For use with FR3 with ECG (model 861389) with PR2.0 or higher software. Includes 3-Lead ECG cable, storage bag and localized documentation. Provides a non-diagnostic ECG display of the patient’s heart rhythm during attended monitoring on a conscious or breathing patient for rhythm assessment. Selectable Lead I, II or III for optimized view. Evaluates the patient's ECG and provides prompts to attached the defi brillation pads if needed, displaying heart rate and elapsed time on the FR3 screen. Event Mark feature allows events to be marked for retrospective review using a Philips FR3 data card and HeartStart Event Review or HeartStart Event Review Pro software. Compatible with a wide range of electrodes. Available in IEC and AHA color codes. Philips recommended ECG electrodes item # 989803137771

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