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Syneron Candela CO2RE - CO2 Resurfacing
Part Number: FG70412US

Product Image: Syneron Candela CO2RE - CO2 Resurfacing (FG70412US)

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Syneron Candela CO2RE - CO2 Resurfacing

CO2RE offers the complete CO2 solution. The CO2RE laser treats superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously and can be used for patients with Acne Scars, Scars, and Wrinkles plus Fractional Resurfacing and CO2 Resurfacing.
The CO2RE includes a Three Year Standard Warranty

- Service- CO2RE Two Year Extended warranty- Begins when initial three year warranty has expired.

Please contact The Janz Corporation at for additional information.

Syneron Candela products are available on the Janz ECAT Contract: SPE2D1-15-D-0008

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