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Tempus Pro Pre-Hospital Vital Signs Monitor
Part Number: 00-1007R

Product Image: Tempus Pro Pre-Hospital Vital Signs Monitor (00-1007R)

Call for Price
Call for Price
The Janz Corporation

Call for Pricing:

The RDT Tempus Pro™ is a new concept in vital signs monitoring that places the needs of the pre-hospital care professional at the heart of its design.

Ground breaking in functionality, the monitor is light enough to carry with you to the patient, small enough to hold in one hand and rugged enough to deploy in any situation. It uniquely offers 5 distinct capability sets:

- Monitoring
- Patient record data collecting and
- sharing Real-time reach back
- Modular feature selection
- Scalability

Tempus Pro provides all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a market-leading vital signs monitor with unmatched durability, daylight readable display, long battery life, intuitive interface and a glove-friendly touch screen that enables ease of use for both advanced and basic life support paramedics and emergency practitioners.

The additional ability to easily document and share all patient data electronically ensures that all care givers have accurate information on patient injuries, therapies, trended vital signs, drugs and fluids that can be handed over, or sent ahead via ReachBak, ahead of the patient arriving at hospital.

With the ability to add advanced capabilities post purchase, the platform is designed to be scalable to accommodate immediate and evolving budgets. This way Tempus Pro enables users to perform whole new diagnostic process on patients using the same battery and display already being carried. This flexibility and scalability enables you to leverage the most from your pre-hospital monitor investment.

Features include:
- Masimo SpO2 and pulse
- Full set of Masimo rainbow parameters (PVI, PI, SpCO, SpMet, SpHb, SpOC)
- Real-time arrhythmia detection
- 3/5 & Optional 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG)
- ST elevation & QT segment monitoring & alarming 12 Lead ECG interpretation
- Impedance respiration
- Non-invasive blood pressure
- Up to 4 channels of invasive pressure
- Up to 2 channels of contact temperature (YSI Series 400) Optional Oridion Microstream capnography
- Optional integrated video laryngoscopy
- Optional integrated point-of-care ultrasound Water & sand resistant to IP66
- Lithium-ion battery with a 10¾ -14 hour battery life*
- Multiple ways of reviewing patient data, including 4 waveform colour display
- The facility to easily & quickly switch between patients
- A truly daylight readable, glove-operable touch-driven display
- Integral 3.2MP camera for recording images of the patient
- Optional unique real-time data, voice & video communications
- Wide operating & storage temperature range

The Tempus monitoring platform is uniquely designed to allow the simple and fast collection, viewing and sharing of key patient encounter data; at the point of care, on the monitor, without the need for a second device or computer. This is done on the Tempus using a sophisticated, configurable set of features called the Summary Record of Care (SRoC), supplied as standard on every monitor.

Unique to Tempus Pro is the optional integrated secure real-time reach back capability. This allows communications of voice, data and video for telemedicine and telementoring purposes over a wide range of civilian communications links.

Tempus Pro is designed to be scalable, enabling you to select the most appropriate configuration for your immediate budget requirements, with the ability to add feature sets, such as 12 Lead ECG and ReachBak, after initial purchase and without the need to return the unit to RDT.

Supply List:
Smart CapnoLine Plus Adult / Intermediate (Case of 25) 01-2143
Smart CapnoLine Plus 02 (02 Tubing Connected), Non-intubated, Nasal/Oral Sampling For Pediatrics. (Case of 25) 01-2144
VitaLine H Set, Adult/Pediatric, (Intubated Patients In High Humidity, High Temperature Environments and Transport) (Case of 25) 01-2145
FilterLine H Set Adult/Pediatric (Intubated Patients In Temperature/Humidity Controlled Environments) (Case of 25) 01-2146
FilterLine Set Adult/Pediatric (Intubated Patients) (Case of 25) 01-2147
FilterLine H Set, Infant/Neonatal (Case of 25) 01-2046
2nd Channel Contact Temperature 05-2011
YSI-400 Series Reusable 401AC Contact Temp Probe Autoclavable 01-2153
YSI-400 Series Disposable 4492 12Fr Contact Temp Probe 01-2078
YSI-400 Series 4940 Contact Temperature Adapter Cable 01-2079
Invasive Blood Pressure
2 Channel Invasive Pressure 05-2009
Invasive Pressure Adapter 2 Channel - Utah Deltran 8ft 01-2048
Invasive Pressure Adapter 2 Channel - Edwards TruWave 8ft 01-2052
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Adult Cuff (23-33cm) 01-1002
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Large Adult Cuff (31-40cm) 01-1003
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Child Cuff (12-19cm) 01-1004
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant Cuff (8-13cm) 01-2021
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Thigh Cuff 01-1032
Tempus Neonate Patient Hose Adapter CPC/Luer 01-2067
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Neonate Cuff (3-6cm) Single Use (Box of 20) 01-2030
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Neonate Cuff (4-8cm) Single Use (Box of 20) 01-2031
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Neonate Cuff (6-11cm) Single Use (Box of 20) 01-2032
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Neonate Cuff (7-13cm) Single Use (Box of 20) 01-2033
Tempus Blood Pressure Cuff - Neonate Cuff (8-15cm) Single use (Box of 20) 01-2034
Tempus Pro NIBP Cuff Kit (1 EA Adult/Child/Large Adult/Thigh Cuff) 01-2155
NIBP Child Disposable Cuff (Box of 20) 01-2231
NIBP Small Adult Disposable Cuff (Box of 20) 01-2232
NIBP Adult Disposable Cuff (Box of 20) 01-2233
NIBP Thigh Disposable Cuff (Box of 20) 01-2235
Tempus Pro Blood Pressure Hose 8ft 01-2074
Tempus Blood Pressure Hose 4ft 01-1006
MasimoSET Rainbow Parameters
MasimoSET Rainbow Total Haemoglobin (SpHb) 05-2021
MasimoSET Rainbow Methaemoglobin (SpMet) 05-2022
MasimoSET Rainbow Carboxyhaemoglobin (SpCO) 05-2023
MasimoSET Rainbow Pleth Variability Index 05-2024
MasimoSET Rainbow Cables
MasimoSET Rainbow Patient Cable 12ft 25-Pin R/A RC12 RA 01-2138
MasimoSET Rainbow Sample Pk (All M-LNCS-Adtx, pdtx-3, Neo-3) 01-2140
MasimoSET Rainbow Patient Cable 4ft 25-Pin R/A RC4 RA 01-2088
Masimo Rainbow DCI
Masimo Rainbow DCI Adt 3ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMet) [1] - Clip 01-2086
Masimo Rainbow DCI SC-400 Adt 3ft (SpO@, SpHb, SpMET) [1] - Clip 01-2092
Masimo Rainbow DCIP
Masimo Rainbow DCIP SC-400 Ped 3ft (SpO2, SPCO, SpMET) [1] = Clip 01-2136
Masimo Rainbow DCIP Ped 3ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMet) [1] - Clip 01-2137
Masimo Rainbow R1
Masimo Rainbow R1 25 Adt 1ft (SpO2, SpHb, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2128
Masimo Rainbow R1 20 Ped 1ft (SpO2, SpHb, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2129
Masimo Rainbow R1 20L Inf 1ft (SpO2, SpHb, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2130
Masimo Rainbow R1 25L Neo/Adt 1ft (SpO2, SpHbSpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2131
Masimo Rainbow R20
Masimo Rainbow R20 Ped 1ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2133
Masimo Rainbow R20-L Inf 1ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2134
Masimo Rainbow R25
Masimo Rainbow R25 Adt 1ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2132
Masimo Rainbow R25-L Neo/Adt 1ft (SpO2, SpCO, SpMET) [10] - Adh 01-2135
MasimoSET M-LNCS DBI Adt SpO2 Reusable Sensor [1] - Boo 01-2089
MasimoSET M-LNCS Adtx-3 Adult Sensor 3ft [20] - Adh 01-2090
MasimoSET M-LNCS Neo-3 Neo/Adt Sensor [20] 01-2091
MasimoSET M-LNCS Pdtx-3 Ped 3ft [20] - Adhesive 01-2095
MasimoSET M-LNCS DCI Adt 3ft [1] - Clip 01-2123
MasimoSET M-LNCS DCIP Ped 3ft [1] - Clip 01-2124
MasimoSET M-LNCS INF-3 Inf 3ft [20] - Adhesive 01-2126
MasimoSET M-LNCS NEOPT-3 Neo 3ft [20] - Adhesive 01-2127
Ultrasound FAST Exam Capability (3.5MHz General Abdominal Probe) 01-2008
Ultrasound FAST Exam Capability (7.5MHz Vascular Probe) 01-2042
Video Laryngoscope
Tempus Pro USB C-MAC S Imager Video Laryngoscope 01-2044
Video Laryngoscope Single Use D Blade (Pack of 10) 01-2063
Video Laryngoscope Single Use Size 3 Macintosh Blade (Pack of 10) 01-2010
Video Laryngoscope Single Use Size 4 Macintosh Blade (Pack of 10) 01-2011
Tempus Pro 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG (With AAMI 8ft Cable) 05-2013
Tempus Pro 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG (With IEC 8ft Cable) 05-2014
Tempus Pro 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG (With AAMI 6ft Cable) 05-2015
Tempus Pro 12 Lead Diagnostic ECG (With IEC 6ft Cable) 05-2016
ST & QT Real Time Monitoring and Alarming 05-2026
Tempus Pro 3 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 6ft 01-2002
Tempus Pro 5 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 6ft 01-2003
Tempus Pro 12 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 6ft 01-2004
Tempus Pro 3 Lead ECG Cable (IEC) 6ft 01-2038
Tempus Pro 5 Lead ECG Cable (IEC) 6ft 01-2039
Tempus Pro 12 Lead ECG Cable (IEC) 6ft 01-2040
Tempus Pro 3 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 8ft 01-2068
Tempus Pro 5 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 8ft 01-2069
Tempus Pro 12 Lead ECG Cable (AAMI) 8ft 01-2070
ECG Electrodes (Pack of 10) 01-2080
Power and Charging
Tempus Lithium-ion Battery - One Supplied With Unit 01-2051
Tempus Mains Power Supply (PSU) - One Supplied With Unit. Specify on order the mains cable required: 01-2049, 01-2055, 01-1012, 01-2161
Tempus Pro ReachBak Real-Time Telemedicine
Tempus Pro ReachBak Real-Time Telemedicine 05-2003
Tempus Wired Headset 01-1019
Sennheiser VMX200 Bluetooth Headset 01-2018
Tempus Ethernet Cable 01-2025
Tempus Pro Tactical Headset Adapter Cable 01-2041
Tempus Pro Litter Mount 01-2035
Tempus Pro Hard Transit Case 01-2400
Tempus Soft Transit Bag 01-2037
Tempus Pro Maintenance Manual Set (CD-ROM) 43-2003
Tempus Pro User Manual Set (CD-ROM) 43-2001
Tempus Pro Training - Region 1 - Travel and Training Conducted in One 24 Hour Period Region 1
Tempus Pro Training - Region 2 - Travel and Training Conducted in One 48 Hour Period Region 2
Tempus Pro Training - Region 3 - Travel and Training Conducted in One 78 Hour Period Region 3

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