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Government and Military Customers

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Syneron Candela has partnered with The Janz Corporation, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, to act as our distributor for military and government purchases. Whether you're looking to prepare soldiers for active duty by removing troublesome hair or identifying tattoos or you're treating returning soldiers or veterans impacted by traumatic scars or burns, the Syneron Candela and Janz Corporation partnership can make sure your facility has the technology needed to serve these patients.

Syneron Candela products are available on the Janz ECAT Contract: SPE2D1-15-D-0008
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Syneron Candela Alex TriVantage

Alex TriVantage- Recommended for Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Removal Alex TriVantage can be...

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P/N: 9914-00-2025

Syneron Candela CO2RE - CO2 Resurfacing

Syneron Candela CO2RE - CO2 Resurfacing CO2RE offers the complete CO2 solution. The CO2RE laser...

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P/N: FG70412US

Syneron Candela GentleMax Pro

GentleMax Pro- The Gold Standard for Hair Removal, PFB, Facial and Spider Veins and more. The...

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P/N: 9914-00-9035

Syneron Candela PicoWay

PicoWay- Recommended for Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Removal PicoWay is a remarkably innovative...

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P/N: 9914-00-9060

Syneron Candela Vbeam Perfecta

Vbeam Perfecta- World’s best-selling pulsed-dye laser Vbeam Perfecta- The Vbeam Perfecta® is...

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P/N: 9914-08-0300

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