Janz Corporation and Ostomy Armor Join Forces!

The Janz Corporation is excited to announce partnership with Ostomy Armor, a world-class ostomy belt and stoma shield manufacturer that offers products that improve the ostomate patient’s quality of life.

Ostomy Armor inventor Gordon Scott is a U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran that became an ostomate patient and was soon challenged by the inability to maintain his active lifestyle with the current ostomy belt and stoma guard products.  Gordon became passionate about developing an ostomy belt solution that would allow people to do all things non-ostomate people do including getting in and out of bed, using a seatbelt without pain, wearing jeans with a belt without worrying about leaks, pain and proper function.  As a very active person, Gordon also needed an ostomy belt that would protect against hernia, be comfortable and secure for hiking, riding motorcycles, working out and leading an active lifestyle.  Ostomy Armor Products are the solution for ostomate patients of all activity levels. The Ostomy Armor motto and mission is to help ostomates get back to the life that they want to lead.

Janz Corporation and Ostomy Armor are Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses with experience in working with Veterans and the Federal Government.  Janz is the exclusive federal government distributor for Ostomy Armor with over 20 years experience in medical equipment sales, government procurement and contract negotiation.   Working together Janz and Ostomy Armor will be providing a life-changing portfolio of custom ostomy protection products to veterans and ostomate patients of all activity levels — allowing a better quality of life and the assurance to live the life of their choice.

For additional information about the Ostomy Armor products visit: https://janzcorp.com/products/ostomy-armor-belts or contact the Janz Corporation team at sales@janzcorp.com