BewellConnect Partners with Janz Corporation




Partnership will open orders for US market; bring innovative medical products and services to government health systems

April 3, 2018 – Visiomed Group (FR0011067669 – ALVMG), a company specializing in next-generation medical electronics, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement between American subsidiary BewellConnect® and Janz Corporation. The agreement will open the orders and distribution market to United States health facilities who will benefit from BewellConnect’s suite of connected health devices and services.

Olivier Hua, CEO of BewellConnect Corp., says, “We are proud of this distribution agreement with Janz Corporation in the United States. It opens doors to important government markets that only the best can access. This new brand of confidence for the innovative technologies developed by our company is again proof that the strategy we have built seduces the most demanding players.”

Beyond the connected health devices of the BewellConnect range (MyThermo®, MyTensio®, MyOxy®, MyScale®, MyGluco® and MyCoach®), both partners have chosen to promote VisioCheck®, the first mobile telemedicine station, given its disruptive nature and its powerful commercial potential, when the product will have received its clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

VisioCheck integrates five different medical devices necessary for remote monitoring of patient vitals anywhere and in any circumstance. VisioCheck weighs less than 300 grams and measures patient blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, oximeter level and blood glucose level. These measures can prove invaluable in the field of operations of the armed forces.

“Being a US Army Veteran-owned company and a medical device distributor, we offer our partners privileged access to US government orders, from the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs to federal agencies all over the country,” said Rick Finsterbusch, CEO of Janz Corporation. “We recognize BewellConnect’s strong innovation capability and are very pleased to be able to bring its breakthrough solutions in the field of connected health to our customers. In particular, we are looking forward to adding VisioCheck to our catalog, as we see tremendous potential for this all-in-one device that has no equivalent in the market, ” said Finsterbusch.

About BewellConnect
Much like the industry they are designed to streamline, digital health devices often remain siloed, cumbersome to use, and do not provide clear, actionable paths to better health. BewellConnect has set out to solve these challenges – not through the manufacturing of devices, but with a suite of healthcare services of which FDA-approved products are a component. The connected health devices are used to monitor patient progress and send the information back to the physician, resulting in patients who are more educated and empowered to take an active role in their healthcare. Additionally, the data-sharing helps to alleviate some of the strain on PCPs who are often overloaded and unable to gather or sort simple data from their patients. This allows both patients and physicians to monitor the data in one place, and work together to monitor and improve patient health. For more information, go to

About Visiomed Group
Founded in 2007 by Eric Sebban, Visiomed Group develops and markets innovative health products and services focused on the use of prevention and well-being, self-diagnosis, and support for the chronically ill. Its mission: to put innovation at the service of the health of all, starting from the needs of each one. Visiomed Group is the inventor of ThermoFlash®, the first non-contact infrared medical thermometer that has been adopted worldwide. In 2014, Visiomed Group became the first medical electronics laboratory to enter the high-potential Internet of Things (IoT) market by launching a unique range of connected health care products under the BewellConnect brand. Today, BewellConnect focuses all Visiomed Group’s expertise in e-health for the general public as well as for the healthcare community through certified connected medical devices, a medical interpretation platform and medical devices.  Based in Paris and Boston, Visiomed Group has a team of 115 employees. The Group generated sales of nearly $13 million in 2017. Its products are distributed in 35 countries. Winner of the French Tech Pass 2016/2017 and member of the FrenchTech, Visiomed Group is qualified as an “innovative company” by Bpifrance and listed on Euronext Growth (ALVMG). The company’s solutions have been rewarded with numerous awards. In 2016, the company won the ScaleUpAwards organized by KPMG and CroissancePlus. More information, go to and