Deployable Diagnostic Lab for Global Humanitarian and Military Applications now Available

Janz Corporation Selected to Distribute FlowMetric Diagnostics’ Mo-POD™

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Janz Corporation, a supplier of medical equipment and supplies to the DoD, VA and Federal Agencies is pleased to announce they have been selected to distribute the Mo-POD™ HQ and Mo-POD™ F (Field-applications) to the US Government.  The Mo-POD™, manufactured by FlowMetric Diagnostics of Doylestown, PA, represents a fully-functional, self-contained flow cytometry laboratory delivering personalized medicine to patients anywhere in the world.  Its features include:  the capacity to analyze up to 1000 samples per day by multi-parametric flow cytometry; the direct linkage of clinical data with a biometric profile; secure and encrypted data transfer capabilities; off-grid power with solar panels and/or generators; and drone transport capabilities, to deliver clinical samples and supplies.

“We are delighted to enter into this formal agreement with Janz,” said Ren Capocasale, Founder and CEO of FlowMetric Diagnostics. “Janz brings years of dedicated military service and insight to our unique flow cytometry hardware and analytical diagnostics.  They will be the best representatives for us as we embark on a long term relationship associated with military and government contracting.”

“This landmark partnership between FlowMetric Diagnostics and Janz combines leading-edge diagnostic technology with military-grade mobility, allowing clinicians and other scientists to transform patient services and pandemic responses anywhere in the world,” added Christopher Molineaux, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association. “This is a truly mobile solution to some of the most difficult challenges in global healthcare.”

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